Arp Raph



Broader Practice



The continual questioning that forms the basis of Arp Raph’s work, alongside his exploration of the underlying codes within the political and cultural arena, is the result of his participation in the experiences around him; he conjures up images that serve to engage his viewers in a form of critical thinking about - and close examination of - the  events he references and the anecdotes that arise from these. The socio-cultural aspect plays a particularly significant role. 'I find that searching for answers dictates which materials are used and how'.


His methods characteristically involve both 2 and 3 dimensional puzzles, visual metaphors and a focus on the conspicuous imperfections in the subjects he chooses. The assemblage of his installations makes for an interactive experience: ’It’s necessary to capture the viewers’ attention and one way to do that is to get them involved.’ By facilitating this involvement, his works offer the viewer the possibility of engaging in a discourse on what goes on around them.


M Brietkopf - London




Individual Exhibitions: 00 / 20


PINKGUY Gallery, ‘W O r K. The Persistance of Memory’ Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

SENTRALEM Gallery ‘Beyond Art’. Oslo. Norway

HIGH VALLEY. ‘Unitat Installation’. New York. USA

Oasis Gallery, Kaleidoscope of Light' Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

PINKGUY Gallery, ‘The Malaysian Outsider’ Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

POINT B. ‘Final Blast’ New York, USA

PINKGUY Gallery, ‘The Streets of KL’ Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

SALOARTE, ‘Colour faces’ Granada. Spain

POINT B. ‘Transcendence ’New York, USA

The Arts Galley, ‘Trapped’ England, GB

SilverShed Gallery, New York, USA

NAO Gallery. Boston, USA

Galería BORRÓN 4. Cambados,Spa in

CHARLES PHILLIPS Gallery. Massachusetts, USA

MONSERRAT Gallery. New York, USA

POINT B. New York, USA

SYKIS Gallery. Salónica, Greece

ARMANDILLO Gallery. Stavanger, Norway

CASA DAS ARTES. 'Detrás do ollo'. Vigo, Spain.

ARMANDILLO Gallery.  Stavanger, Norway

SYKIS Gallery. Salónica, Greece.

CONNEXIONS. Brussels, Bélgium


CAFE ROYAL. London, England

COIN EXCHANGE. Manchester, England




Projects & Commissions:



 Mudley Explores Series 2017 - Kuala Lumpur, Singapore & London

 Children's travel book that give particular insight into what may interest a young mind.

 (Published by Marshall Cavendish)


 Metamorfose. Uganda and Rwanda: 2012 - 2015

 Design and implementation of a better wood/charcoal ovens that reduce smoke inhalation

 by 90%. Within villages and schools in both countries.


 Point B Project: ‘International Artist Worklodge’. Con Mark Parrish, NYC.


 The Cube Sculpture Project: WTC2 New York. A cube placed on it's pinicle upon the top of

 tower 2.  4m x 4m x 4m made in zinc & magnesium. The cube (compass) represented the 5

 boroughs of New York & New Jersey (Unfinished October 2001)


 XII Concurso de Arquitectura Nacional de España'

 Design and creation of ceramic statuettes for National prize winning architects







 GardenSafe: Apparatus to stop animals, birds and slugs from ruining gardens and

 flower beds.


 The Skyfinder: Invention of a 3 dimensional orientation device designed to portray,

 always, the upward direction. Produced by Time, USA (Patent #10556)


 Slidebone: A seat placed within a car to help relief and release for passegers or drivers

 with disability.


 Wishbone: An ergonomical walking device that combats the strains for prople with walking

 disabilities. (Patent #52065-NO)


 The Giraffe: Apparatus to drill a perfect hole 90º or 45º. Manufactured by WoflCraft,

 Germany. 33º. Produced by WolfCraft, Germany (Patente Pending)